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Health Coaching

Health Consultations:

  • Face to face – in person (Brisbane and surrounding areas)
  • Online via Skype

Health Coach Ben (HCB) adopts a holistic approach in all health and wellness services, when working with clients. In diet and nutrition, we help you discover a low-carb whole-food way of eating that mimics the diet of our ancestors. This promotes optimum fat burning, appetite control and hormone optimisation. You will enjoy a range of filling and nutritious foods that won’t leave you hungry – in fact, it is important that your food experience is as satisfying as it can be. And the best part? You don’t have to count calories like those old school diet methods. We know you do not have time for that. 

At HCB, we care.  We care about what makes you stressed and how you cope, whether your sleeping and what kind of activities you do in your work and life.  These things, and other lifestyle factors are important, and need to be reviewed and optimised, so you can lose weight 2 times faster, than on your own.  Reviewing all parts of your health and wellness enable us to remove all your barriers to weight loss, so you can lose weight 2 times faster than other diets, or on your own. We care about you, and are always here to  provide ongoing support to your health goals, in-between sessions or meetings. Your success is our success.  

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Online Coaching

Health coaching, as well as all other services offered by HCB are available online. No matter where you are in the world, HCB can help you improve your health, make over your exercise program, speak to motivate your employees for better health and wellness, or let you know what high-carb goodies have to go to help you lose weight.  Get started now. Book your FREE weight loss transformation call (link here).

Meal Plans, Hacks and Ideas

As part of your health coaching, HCB will give you specific meal plans, hacks and idea for low carb living. All HCB clients receive a free introductory eBook: blueprint for healthy living, which details everything you need to get started, including sample recipes.  In addition, you will receive a personalised meal plan (catering to any allergies or requirements), and many other additional free resources. Education is key.

Exercise Coaching & Fitness Programs

  • Face to face – in person (Brisbane and surrounding areas)
  • Online via Skype

Don’t like exercise? That’s OK.

If you are one of those people who look at exercise and say ‘No thanks!’ -you’ll be happy to hear at Health Coach Ben, we believe that exercise is not the be all and end all when it comes to weight loss. About 80% of your success will come from appropriate dietary changes – a relief for some! When you are ready to incorporate exercise, we will be ready for you.

Ben will ease you into getting more active, and design a customised exercise program, to help you increase your overall fitness.  Eating does make up 80% of the recipe, so when you can add in just a little bit of fitness and exercise, your results will skyrocket.  The body was designed to move and burn fuel. There are so many health and wellness benefits of exercise, including combating depression.  Don’t believe me? Try walking for 20 minutes a day, and see how you feel after only 7 days.

Fridge & Pantry Cleanses


  • Face to face – in person (Brisbane and surrounding areas)
  • Online via Skype

Need a little help parting with your favourite treats?  Don’t know what you can salvage from your fridge or pantry that can fit in with your new low carb life? HCB has you covered. 

Whether in-person or via Skype, Ben will be there every step of the way to keep you on the straight and narrow with your cleaning.  He’ll even give you some great tips on how to store your food, and recommendations for places to shop to get the best bargains, and some resources you can take when you out and about.  This service is great when paired with a shopping trip.

Shopping Trips

  • Face to face – in person (Brisbane and surrounding areas)
  • Online via Skype

Love shopping and coffee?  So does Ben! Health Coach Ben would love to shop with you for an hour or a few hours, or even a day! Learn what to buy your family and friends to encourage them to be healthy, happy and stay away from all those high-carb foods.  You can do groceries, general shopping, or even just spend some time talking confidently with a new friend, who is a patient man, great listener, and genuinely cares about you and your well being. You could also bring a friend or four, family member, or someone else special in your life.  The choice is yours!

Motivational Speaking & Goal Setting

  • Individuals
  • Business & Workplaces
  • Government, Corporate & Events

Does your workplace, business or organisation need a shake-up?  Maybe a little help and motivation to become their best self and improve their own self care? Do you(or your staff) need help setting your own personal or career goals for 2020? HCB can help. He is a highly organised, self-motivated individual, who is willing to help you and your employees take your life to the next level. HCB can speak on a topic of your choice, or he can work with you to decide on the best topic, and prepare for your event.