When you embark on a health journey, you must create in your own mind a vision of what you want to achieve. You will also need to get real honest about where you are in your life, and what barriers you may come across between where you are now, and where you want to be.

Right now we are going to focus on where you want to be, and some obstacles that might be in the way. I want you to describe exactly what your body is going to look like once I help you reach your goal. Do it in writing, and here’s why…

Deeply ingrained negative thoughts can cause us to have difficulties in any weight loss or health enhancement program – They derail and demotivate us. Throughout our life, we develop beliefs from important points in our life. Some beliefs are great and help us, but some are negative and do not help us (limiting beliefs).

I challenge you to write out some descriptions about how your body will look in 30 days if you were coached by me – a health coach who knows exactly what to do to achieve optimum health through understanding of the diet and lifestyle patterns our ancestors. It may be more than 30 days for you, depending on where you are currently at, and that’s okay.

What did your list look like?

Does it sound like “No matter what I do, I’ll always have a saggy butt”? Or maybe you think I’m going to “suffer from loose skin, so what’s the point in losing weight anyway?”

Can you see how the negative beliefs implied here don’t serve you?

What about, instead of saying “I won’t improve much anyway”, try reframing this negative belief as a positive one. How about “I’m losing fat and gaining muscle every single day – it will take some time, but that is okay. My butt will take some work to get there, but every day counts and moves me in the right direction”. Can you see how this is a lot more empowering than the first? You are actually providing direction and encouragement to yourself!

When reframing beliefs and negative thoughts, you need to make beliefs that aren’t too disconnected from your current beliefs. For example, it’s too much of a stretch for people to go from believing “I’ll suffer from loose skin, so what’s the point of losing weight anyway?” to “I will be a supermodel in 30 days”. Reframing the negative thought is more appropriate to something that is still true to you, but not such a massive change. Perhaps, “I will lose lots of fat and gain muscle, and that will make me feel a lot better”.

Don’t let negative thoughts stop your progress to your goal. Sometimes it takes being super aware when you are having a negative thought and you need to try reframe it there on the spot.

Believe in yourself. You can do it!