Take your weight loss and body composition goals to the next level with the 1-on-1 Optimise Your Health 8 Week Program! No matter where you are coming from you can program your genes in the direction of health. We all have the recipe for health inside of us – and we can optimise our health by learning the diet and lifestyle behaviours that make us thrive! This program takes you through all of these factors, and provides you with extensive 1-on-1 time with Ben to truly make a long lasting impact on your health.

No Going Hungry!

Don’t go hungry with fad diets promoting starvation coupled with lots of exercise! Learn the secrets to fat loss by eating a way aligned with human health. Most importantly, break free of diet culture with a truly invigorating weight loss and health program. No more counting calories or points – eat until your full and satisfied!

During the program you get exclusive 1-on-1 sessions with Ben, either online or in person. These sessions are to really get into the meat and bones of what you are trying to achieve by optimising your health and address the elements to help you make long lasting change in your life. You also get check-in phone calls, lifelong access to the Health Coach Ben Support Group, and unlimited email and SMS support from Ben. The support group is great to ask Ben questions, share your successes, find great resources, and access member only deals.

One-on-one Program Inclusions

  • Lifelong access to Health Coach Ben Support Group on Facebook
  • Unlimited SMS and email support from Ben during the program
  • 1-on-1 sessions every 2 weeks
  • Weekly check-in calls
  • Motivational emails throughout the program, especially at the beginning to keep you going!

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