Hi! My name is Ben, and I am a Primal Health Coach and Pharmacist. My mission is to truly empower people through the power of ancestral living to take control of their health to make a complete transformation of body and mind; a holistic health and wellness approach.

I have always had an interest and a passion for helping people, through my profession as a pharmacist, or simply by being there to help someone talk through their problems. In my role as a pharmacist, I feel that I am usually on the back-foot – reacting to poor lifestyle choices by treating the symptoms of disease rather than addressing the root causes of problems. I believe that by applying ancestral health principles to our lives, we can significantly improve the quality of our physical and mental well-being.

Applying these changes in my own life, I have seen the immense power that diet and lifestyle changes can make. I used to believe that diet wouldn’t really change that much about my health – but I’ve come to realise it is the number one factor in turning my life around! I have lost 20kg, moving me from an overweight processed food guzzling individual, into a lean, fit and energised fat burning beast! My wife Bridget has also suffered her whole life with weight and body image issues – and under my instruction, she is now down 40kg and has regained great confidence and a positive personal image for herself. I believe that this is so important for everyone, especially women, and their general well-being.

I started Health Coach Ben because I am so passionate about this way of life – I truly believe that we can turn the tide of chronic illness in the western world by empowering people to embrace the power of ancestral living.

I look forward to hearing about your journey and reviewing the ways that I, Health Coach Ben, can help you transform your health too.